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Great Lakes Scottish Athletes Association


The Great Lakes Scottish Athletes Association (GLSAA) was founded in 2007. The organization formed when the United States Strongman Federation disbanded. GLSAA was created to allow Scottish Heavy Athletics competitors in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to stay in contact, discuss upcoming games, organize training sessions, and to stay informed about Highland Games in the region. Since its formation, the organization has adapted to support the needs of a growing number of athletes and games, particularly in Ohio. The GLSAA conducts games under the rules and regulations outlined by NASGA. GLSAA has organized training seminars with Pro athletes, charity benefits, and a growing number of games at festivals and in back yards. Expect to see more games, more athletes from more classes, and even more camaraderie from our ever expanding family as the GLSAA continues to evolve!


Other Games In Ohio

Ohio Scottish Games

The Ohio Scottish Games are the premier Scottish Heavy Athletics competition in Ohio. The OSG brings together some of the top Pro and Amateur athletes in the country to compete in front of a crowd of thousands. Competition is always fierce. The festival also boasts many other family-friendly activities. The MASA organization is responsible for the OSG event