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1  General Category / General Discussion / DIF 2015 results are posted on: August 03, 2015, 05:37:34 PM
DIF 2015 is in the books and results posted on NASGA (Please let me know of any discrepancies, I am only human)

Thank you to all that came out and competed!

Thanks to the Judges Josh Raab, Scott Williams, Alex Duncan, and Lucas McDonald for all of your hard work and efforts.

Cody Bruce you get an A+ for showing up and helping even though you had to bow out of the competition due to injury. (I know it killed you to have to watch)
Thank you to all of the other volunteers for all of your help.

Thanks to KO he was a hoot on the mic!!

Big thanks to Heather Myers for all of her work putting in the scores. It is a thankless job most of the time but I truly appreciate you!

FINALLY GREAT BIG THANKS to my brotha from anotha motha RICH MCCLAIN.. I could not have done it without you.. from helping setup and being a celebrity on the news, to fielding all of the phones calls from athletes, answering questions and just general moral support.. I appreciate ya Brotha!

Last and definitely not least... My Beautiful wife Kelly for putting up with all the stress and aggravation this event can bring under our roof.. Thanks for putting up with me through it ALL.
2  General Category / Upcoming Competitions / DIF 2015 Instructions on: July 27, 2015, 07:32:43 AM

The festival has changed the size and shape of the field this year as well as relocated it. I am enclosing a map of the festival grounds and information on how to get to the drop off location. For those of you were here last year, we will use the same entrance as before you will just have to drive a little farther back to drop off your equipment.

We have parking passes that we will give you at time of drop off. There is still some construction underway and we will direct you as to were to park the day of the festival. (If all goes well we will be able to park right behind our field)

We have a children's "demo" of sorts that will take place from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. I need some athletes to help out with this demo for a little bit. You do not have to help the entire time, however your assistance is appreciated.

Due to the size of the Amateur B and Women's groups we will be doing 1 possibly 2 events during the children's demo.

Women and B's need to be at the field ready to throw by 12:00. All other must be on the field and ready to throw by 3:30

If you want to get your family in with you and have tents to set up at the field please show up no later than 10:00 a.m. this will insure we can get your family in with you at drop off.

We will need some help setting up the day of the competition. I will be at the field ready to start setting up at 8:30 a.m. If you can help please let me know by replying to this email.

We are going to try and get as many events in as time and safety will allow.

If you have anyone that you know will be able to help on the field please let them know we need all the help we can get.

I am also enclosing a waiver if you can print it off, sign it and bring it with you please do, as it will help speed up the registration process.

If you have any other questions please ask. I will do my best to answer them as quickly as I can.
3  General Category / Upcoming Competitions / DIF 2015 Competitor list on: July 16, 2015, 06:52:29 AM

Kelly is working on the hotel reservations, and those of you in hotels will receive your info soon!!

I will sending out a map for parking and unloading shortly.


Don L Myers
Glenn Sciscoe
Richard Bird
John Shingler
Timothy Mullally
Richard McClain
Dale Gehman
Braidy Miller
Chris Rusher
John Katalinas
Doug Steiger

-Amateur A

Jamie Baker
Joseph Stanco
justin Kaye
Brandon C Crawford
Brett Crawford
Max Mays
Ryan Stoltz
Sean Urquhart
Kyle Helf
Derek Durkee
Matt Hand
Adam Brezina
Willie Danzer
David Marble

-Amateur B

Maxx Myers
Josh Beatty
Robert McKeeman
Joshua Henze
Ryan Ludwig
Jeffrey Beatty
nick rosendaul
Andrew Beach
Justin Kennedy
Robert McKeeman
Cody Bruce
Paul Munsch
Eric Klejka
Rob Logan


Jessica Stanco
Katie Rotolo
Heather McKenzie
Brittney Boswell
Kelsey Herrmann
Danielle Curry
Cameron Steiger

-Masters Women

Anita Sciscoe
Bonnie Hicks
Amy Jenkins
Courtney McGuire
Julie R Dyer
Kate Boeve
Sarah Wilson
4  General Category / Upcoming Competitions / Dublin Irish Festival Registration is open! on: June 21, 2015, 09:21:36 AM
5  General Category / Upcoming Competitions / Re: Throwers Anonymous 2015 on: June 08, 2015, 07:52:04 AM
Link is active now
6  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Reynoldsburg 2015 Registration is open on: April 25, 2015, 03:34:13 PM
Scores are posted up on NASGA now for Reynoldsburg!
7  General Category / Upcoming Competitions / Celtic Beltane Festival Regstration on: April 12, 2015, 08:45:38 AM
Celtic Beltane Festival
Columbia Woods Park
4060 Columbia Woods Dr
Norton, OH

Rich McClain AD


Field registration at 9 be ready to throw by 9:30

Classes Amateur A, Amateur B, Masters and Womans
Go to the for to sign up for class, shirt size and pay via PayPal link.

Open Stone
Heavy Weight
Light Weight
Heavy Hammer
Light Hammer

This is a SGL qualifying game

Then names listed have been registered and have paid
* will pay the day of the games

Amateur A
Jamie Baker - 2XL
Justin Kaye - 3XL
Joe Stanco - 2XL
Andy Sciscoe - Lg
Max Mays - 2XL
Josh Beatty - XL
Jeff Beatty - XL
Josh Henze - XL
Adam Brezina - XL
*Brandon Crawford - 3XL

Amateur B
Brandon Bruce - Lg
Cody Bruce - Lg
Robert McKeeman - 2XL
James Reynolds - XL
Nick Applegate - XL
Brandon Gerber - XL
Andrew Beach - 2XL
Nick Rosendaul - 2XL
Rob Logan - XL
*Ryan Oaks - Lg
*Levi Sciscoe - XL
*Noah Sciscoe - Lg
Rich Talbolt - XL
*Ryan Dennis - 2XL
*Ryan Ludwig - 2XL

Mark Ludwin - 3XL
Richard Bird - Lg
Darren Schilberg - Lg
Jason Cherry - XL
Don Myers - 4XL
Steve McCracken - 3XL
Doug Steiger - 2XL
John Shingler - 3XL
Bill Boyd - 2XL
Glenn Sciscoe - 2XL
*Brian Brooks - 2XL
Dale Gehman - 2XL
Josh Raab - XL
Bill Dennis - 2XL

Cami Steiger - M
Anita Sciscoe - 2XL
Katie Rotolo - M
*Kate Boeve - 2XL
*Sarah Wilson - 2XL
Ashley Auker - M
Kelsey Herrmann - M
8  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Reynoldsburg 2015 Registration is open on: April 02, 2015, 09:48:03 AM
Just FYI...

We have a huge field of B's there will a little reorganizing of the athletes. Some of the B's will have to move to the A class. If we do not the B class will be done about midnight!! LOL.

If you want to volunteer to move to the A class please post a comment and I will adjust accordingly. If no one volunteers I will be looking at throws on NASGA from last year and make decisions based off of that info.

9  General Category / Upcoming Competitions / Tartan Day Update on: March 24, 2015, 06:58:36 AM
Just found out yesterday that there will not be any formal celebration connected with our competition. We are still proceeding with our competition, there just won't be as strict of a schedule to end at a certain time to have a formal awards "ceremony".

Registration is still open, I did send the t-shirt order in and added a few for last minute entries.

See you all soon!!
10  General Category / General Discussion / Reynoldsburg 2015 ** We need one more female competitor! on: March 17, 2015, 07:48:52 AM
We have (2) women confirmed for competition... we need one more for scores to count!  Who is up for it?

Saturday April 11th should be a beautiful spring day!!!  ONE MORE WOMAN TO COMPETE... just ONE. 

Please spread the word if you know anyone who is interested & undecided or unaware.
11  General Category / Upcoming Competitions / Reynoldsburg 2015 ** We need one more female competitor! on: March 17, 2015, 07:48:26 AM
We have (2) women confirmed for competition... we need one more for scores to count!  Who is up for it?

Saturday April 11th should be a beautiful spring day!!!  ONE MORE WOMAN TO COMPETE... just ONE. 

Please spread the word if you know anyone who is interested & undecided or unaware.
12  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Reynoldsburg 2015 Registration is open on: March 16, 2015, 07:14:52 AM

Hey Richie...............remember who is the king of the

I think.... it's on!!

(click the photos for full effect!! LOL)

13  General Category / General Discussion / Reynoldsburg 2015 Registration is open on: March 13, 2015, 07:05:32 AM
Entry fee will be $20

Reynoldsburg Senior Center
1520 Davidson Dr
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Date: Saturday April 11th
Time: Be on the field by 9 am for a 9:30 Start
(Help setting up prior to 9 am is greatly appreciated)

Events will be:

Open Stone
Braemar Stone
Heavy and or light hammer

PayPal Link >Registration is closed. This is a pay to play games as stated. If you do not pay, your name will not be on the play list.

Classes will be set based on sign-ups. There needs to be at least 3 people in the class for it to qualify. I.E. 3 Amateur A's and 3 Amateur B's. If there are only 2 in either class, it will be switched to an open class. Same for Women's, at least 3 Amateur and 3 Masters to have separate groups.

Please reply to this thread if interested.

Athlete List: (paid so far)

Amateur A
Brandon Crawford
Ryan Stoltz
Justin Kaye
Nick Rosendaul
Josh Beatty
Jeff Beatty
Joe Stanco
Andy Sciscoe

Richard Bird
Mark Ludwin     <------ who is this guy?!?!?
Glenn Sciscoe
Darren Schillberg
Brian Ely
Richard McClain
Steve McCracken
John  Shingler
Scott Williams

Amateur B
Rob Green
Justin Kennedy
Andrew Beach
Josh Henze
Ron Rhoads
Nick Mcdowell
Brandon Bruce
Pat Tulloch
Cody Bruce

Anita Sciscoe
Katie Rotollo
Renee Rhoads
Kelsey Herrmann
Elizabeth Kennedy
Joe McLaughlin
Jessica Stanco
Kate Boeve
Ashley Auker
Amber Locke

14  General Category / General Discussion / 2015 dues on: February 25, 2015, 05:39:50 AM
Thank you to the few who have paid.

Everyone else please make an effort to pay your dues asap. It takes near $300 per year JUST for website and a bank account to operate out of. We don't make any money from the dues and use anything left over from them for equipment etc. If you want the GLSAA to continue please do your part. We don't have any type of sponsorship that keeps these thins paid it is all done through the generosity of the members.

Thanks as always


15  General Category / General Discussion / 2015 dues on: February 05, 2015, 12:12:06 PM
It is that time of year again...

GLSAA Annual dues are $10.00, Should you wish to donate more, it is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

Please submit payment by either PAYPAL (preffered method), send payment to or by mailing a check. If you are mailing a check please PM me for my address.
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